New Zealand


On our way to NZ

One of the best trips I have done so far would be the road trip i did with my friends on South island of New Zealand. The trip took a place a couple of years ago but it’s still crystal clear in my mind. Of course having your best friends by your side and sharing the moments with them play a huge role when it comes to a successful trip but so did New Zealand’s unbelievable nature.   Even thought for several reasons we did not have much time to explore NZ but we still managed to discover quite alot of the south island in seven days.  Can’t wait to exprience the North Island one day  but here are some unforgettable things we did and saw during our time in NZ.


First of all the nature which cannot be descripted in words it  have to  be seen to believe. Our road trip started from Christchurch all the way down to Queenstown.  it is 500km drive but I strongly recommend it. We stayed a few nights  on the road . Besides driving  we took double the time as there are so many beautiful lakes, rives and views. You cant drive past without haveing a stop on the side of the road and taking some pictures and just take in the the breath taking scenery.



We spend our first night by Lake Tekapo  which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. We stayed at a cosy YHA hostel. The little village by the lake is pretty quiet but  we ended up to have a pretty good night out at the pub  next door getting to know some locals. If you prefer to relax there is a place  from walking distance called Tekapo Springs where you  can enjoy outdoor hot springs, ice skating and snow tubing in winter.


YHA Lake Tekapo Hostel


Lake Tekapo

Other place where we stopped on the way down to Queenstown was Franz Josef glacier as we were in a rush we didnt have any time to do any outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing but it was still definitely worth seeing. On the way down  we stopped plenty of times  to have a little moment to take photos and just enjoying  the beautiful nature.





Everyone knows New Zealand is a place to do extreme activities so I decided before our trip that I wanted to do a bungy jump. So me and a friend both decided to have a go. Hence we ended up at NZ’s highest bungy jump Nevis Bungy at 134 metres. Must say one of the coolest things I have ever done.The other stand out thing that we stopped at was Milford sound cruise a little bit touristy but the place surrounded by steep cliffs and dense rainforest made a life time memory. I could keep writing and writing about all amazing things New Zealand has to offer but like any other place you just have to go and experience it yourself. From Finland to kiwiland is far far away but I would say if you are even thinking about visiting NZ. Just go , you won’t regret it!


Milford Sound cruise
Photos and Text by Iida




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