Forgotten Photos Around the World

I like to often open my iPhoto on my mac and click throught all my photos from the trips i have done. Whilist traveling I am one of those who like to take a picture of a coffee or muffin at the time it might feel a little bit silly and more likely those photos will stay on my laptop without purpose. Hence I decided to write a post and give some glory to those forgotten photos that never found their way to instagram or facebook.

This shot has been taken on Gili trawangan,Bali. After three weeks in Bali eating god knows what and  afew bali bellies later.  I found a peace of heaven a little coffee shop called Kayu Café on Gili T island  which sells oat meal with berries!
This sign made us laugh in Bali , how about  Protein shake? The place  where supply meets demand.
Happiness is sitting next to the emergency exit. This was a flight from Denpasar to Changi with KLM who operated that flight. Which was  new to me  that they operate the whole trip from Amsterdam to Bali, no wonder there are so many Dutch people on that island. About the seats next emergency exit  be careful what you wish for  you might get a few babies screaming next to you as those infant bassinet Seat will be next to you on middle row.
This photo is from Greece  where I spent a little while years ago. I was based in Athens  I used to love my walks to the bus stop every morning  and spotting  lemons and oranges on the street which felt very exotic as It was one of my first times being abroad working and living.
This picture is from Sydney. My family came to meet me from Finland hence it was the first time in Sydney  we decided to do a harbour cruise on day one which turned out be great way to get to know Sydney and it’s beaches. The city looks so nice from the sea and you will get to experience a world famous harbour. The most of the cruises leaves from Darling harbour and goes for an hour or two around the Sydney beaches and usually have little freshments on the boat.
Frozen yoghurt   place called  FRAE in London. So far the best frozen yoghurt I have come acrosse . You have plenty of fresh toppings to choose from. My favourite is raspberries and pieces of brownies.  I used to only  visit Nothing hill gate store but you can check all the locations here . Definitely worth a taste !
Frankfurt is well known for its wealthy people so during my visit this under contraction building caught my eye
Love this parking here and I’m also big fan on minis , such a handy little car! This picture has been taken in Amsterdam.
This picture is from New Zealand  on the Milford sounds  cruise. The happiness when on budget backpackers meet the words for free is always  picture worth moment.
Text and photos by Iida



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