International Pantry

To be honest I could say I’ am obsessed with homemade smoothies like everyone else in social media according to instagram,or blog world seems to be. However  I reckon it’s a great way to get your greens for the day  – I love juicing too but unfortunately I don’t owe an juicing machine at the moment. Anyway  I like to have my smoothies as green as possible  main ingredients being  always kale, baby spinach, avocado and kiwi fruit depending on what my pantry holds  I will add different fresh fruits. Smoothies might not have anything to do with traveling but then as far as I know this is still a travel related blog.. Key things on this post and in my smoothies are so called “ superfood “ ingredients I like to add into my smoothies. I use  powered ginger, chia seeds, spirulina, maca and so on.  I don’t personally  believe in “superfood” term for me it’s more like companies’ marketing trick, However  I still do believe in some of the ingredients  have better nutrition and perhaps ever healing effects as they have been used for  hundreds of years by indigenous peoples who still use them.
Powered ginger From Bali
Druing my visit to Bali I had a chance to visit  a little coffee farm. Besides growing and making coffee out of coffee beans they have a fresh ginger root growing there and they sell powered  ginger  for the visitors. Ginger being one of my favourite ingredients in my kitchen I bought some to stoke my cupboard.  For example in Finland imported ginger usually comes from china where soil is very much polluted and it’s a long way for ginger to travel here so I’m not sure coming all that way from Chinese soil how healthy it makes my smoothies at the end of the day. last but not least I like to give my money straight to the  farmer  e.g in Bali. Not saying what I did was a huge eco thing after traveling by plane all the way  from Finland to Bali and probably we paid for the third part as well someone taking us straight to this exact the farmer anyway at least I felt happy  to get this product  without any unnecessary processes.
The coffee farm in Bali
Ginger roots in Bali
 Not to mention I am a big fan of green tea and Could have not been any happier when I got to buy green tea straight from the tea plant in Cameron highlands in  Malaysia. Furthermore  every time I drink my Cameron highlands tea or add my Bali ginger to my smoothie it brings back to my travel memories so i could say these products have been not only a  fantastic add to my pantry but also a great souvenir from the abroad.
I think I will  try to keep this little habit to visit local farmers and get to know their products now on when I travel. I wouldn’t  mind to travel to Peru and bring some local powdered maca root back home with me.
Photos and text by Iida



2 responses to “International Pantry

  1. Wow great pics!! That’s actually a good idea to Visit local farmers. And yes, I’ll have to try some new ingredients in my smoothies.

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