Heading to Australia?

Sydney 1

Yep The world famous Opera House

From my experience you don’t have to ask around long when you drop into people who have spent a year or two in Australia or planning to move over there in the near future. As this fascinating country is pretty far away most of the young get a working holiday visa and go for a longer time to live and work over there. Besides located on the other side of the world, Australia is size of the Europe and it’s major cities are a plane trip away from each other , just say if Helsinki was an Australian city say Brisbane then Melbourne would be located in Spain. So it’s not easy to decided where do you want to settle down to spend your year. Even though most of the youngers change places pretty often.

During my time in Asutralia I settled down in Brisbane and the rest of my time in Melbourne. Other major city on the East coast is Sydney which I visited quite often and then on West coast you get a city called Perth. I decided to list of my thoughts about Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney as the place to settle down on your year of work and holiday.


This city is often known as Brisvegas as well or Brissy. It’s not as popular as Melbourne and Sydney and I’ll probably get bad eye from my aussie friends even comparing it to these two cosmopolitan cities. Anyway being my first home in Australia this city has very special place in my heart and I had a ball there.

Good things:

  • Sunny tropical weather all year around as it’s located up north in Queesnland (The sunshine state)
  • It’s 1-2 hour drive from Byron Bay, Sun Shine coast and Gold coast if you feel doing e.g short weekend-away trips
  •  There are many outdoor parks which are perfect for sunny days to hang out and South bank which has manmade sandy beach and free pools.
  • Comparing to other cities it’s still affordable when comes to living on the coast
  • It has pretty good night life e.g Fortitude Valley where all the clubs are but it’s a bit rough
  • You get around by foot very easily in central Brissy

Not so good things:

  • Some Australians still think Brisbane is a little bit boganish city. I got many question in Melbourne after I told people I spent a year in Brisbane
  • You need to live in the city, not much outside of the city
  •  You might get some bizarre floods in some years because of its tropical weather it might rain a lot and I mean a lot!


Brisbane’s landmark Story Bridge and Kangaroo island


Melbourne has been voted many years on the row as the most liveable city in the world and I’m not surprised. This city has everything!

Good things

  • There is something for anyone; culture, food, fashion, art, music, sport you name it
  • The best night life. I pretty much party with my friends every night at a new place. Although you need to get to know a local who will tell you which place is best for that night and they change all the time as new cooler places are opened.
  • You can spend days wondering along the different street finding hidden coffee shops. Melbourne coffee is best in the world! So if you are a fan of coffee this is your city!
  • As there are so many restaurants and coffee places waiters are always wanted so it’s pretty easy to find a job in that industry.
  •  Melbourne has plenty of international events like F1, Australian tennis Open, Melbourne cup horse race

Not so good

  • Melbourne is expensive; housing, clothing, transportation etc.
  • Car is must in this city if you don’t want to spend your days on trams
  • Weather as they say “four season in one day more likely in one hour”. You need to always have your jacket, shorts and umbrella with you, you never know when the wind starts to blow from the sea instead from the outback.


Melbourne and its trams which can be quite nightmare to travel with sometimes


I never lived in this city but I hope I get to experience it very soon. But as I said earlier I got a chance to visit Sydney quite often so here comes my opinion of it.

Good things

  • It has beautiful beaches to live and spend your free time. My favourite is absolutely Manly
  • There are plenty of interesting job opportunities as all the big companies have their offices in Sydney
  • It’s half way between Brisbane and Melbourne so you might get pretty good travel deals to both cities
  • Weather is pretty good; you get dry hot summer and a mild winter
  • Of course all the world famous attractions Opera house, Bondi beach, Blue Mountains and Sydney Harbour bridge

Not so good things

  •  It’s expensive too and wanting to live central will cost you a few extra dollars
  • I  have heard it has become pretty violence over the weekend nights


Sydney Tower

Text and photo by Iida


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