By The Thames –Ah So British

On my travels I like to be a bit of both a tourist who stops to stare at daily life in a new place and then tend to be a local who actually lives that life. I might enjoy more than I should of ordinary bus ride or grocery shopping abroad. Well not sure how local it is to have a big smile on your face when you jump on a bus and I’m pretty sure I only diddle myself at the end of the day anyhow on my last trip to London I felt a little bit British when i was shipping on a cider in a pub by the Thames on a perfect english sunny day.



Can there be more Londonish view than double decker busses on the bridge above the Thames


There are a few great english pubs to have a pint at near Hammersmith bridge by the Thames in the South West London.Hammersmith is not a big attraction itself with the tourists but its easy access by tube (Piccadilly, District, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines) and bus from central London where usually most of the London visitors stay. Besides getting a feel of English culture a visit is a must on any travelers list. From Hammersmith station just follow the signs to the old Hammersmith bridge and you can see all these pubs from the bridge


 Thames 3

Not a bad view to enjoy over drink and pub meal especially in a sunny day. Excellent people watching spot too.


Thames 2

This bridge has a quiet interesting and sad history. It has been target of bombings.


On a sunny or cloudy typical English day there are tables outside where you can sit down and  enjoy a pint or two and watch the huge Thames tides and do a bit of people watching. These pubs are not over taken by tourist so you get a great feel of the english culture and hear the london accent. Pub meal is on the cards too if you fancy to discover and experience more of real British life.

If you are not in a rush there is a beautiful walk down from the Hammersmith Bridge to Putney where you can catch your bus back to central. Walk takes about 30 minutes to complete. I recommend to walk on the north side . There is a path you can walk along besides the Thames. Quite often there are rowing exercises going on and thats another thing to tick off your English moment –list.


Thames 4

Beautiful walk from Hammersmith to Putney Bridge along the Thames


From my experience to get a touch of the real London life or any other place step off the beaten track and catch the bus to explore the areas outside of the city centre where the locals spend their free time.

 Text and photos by Iida


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