The Travel Essentials I wouldn’t Travel without


Even though  I have done a little bit travelling here and there I still found myself very much lost when it  comes to  what I  to should pack for a weekend-away trip in Euro or  for a month backpacking in Asia however I have come together with a little must-pack vacation items list that I would not travel without.

must have items


Sad but true these days being busy with uni and work I don’t have enough time to read books as much  as I wish thus  a good book is a big part of my holiday. Especially I like to spend my  flights reading a book. Neither being a huge fan of heavy packing –  Kindle is the solution! It’s like having a library on your pocket during your travels moreover you only need wifi to download the books on your Kindle – once you’ve books on your Kindle you are able to read them without wifi.The big plus is also the screen which makes reading possible  in a sun by the pool!

A pair of “thongs” /Flipflops

I would not  leve home without having a pair of Havianas on my  luggage. Maybe thongs are not the best “shoes” to wear for long citywalks  but ideal for beach destinations. Perfect also for hostels and hotels if you don’t feel like walk around in a room barefoot.


Light shawl must be found on everyone’s list because of its multi-functionality. Sarong can be used as sun cover up   or  to cover up your  bare shoulders and knees before you visit  places like temples. It can be used anything between beachtowel to head piece.


I prefer Lonely Planets even I have my Kindle, I still do like the feeling of having real paper version guidebook with me to note down impressions od the destination or write down a travel memory.

Passport holder

This is something I invested in after I got told on border of the New Zealand that timmigration officer  was not very pleased of condition of my passport a. The real leather case can add a year or two on your passport life cycle. It is always good to remember to take your passport out of its case before customs.

A Pen

Just small simple thing that makes your life a little bit easier on the road either you required to fill out a customs declaration form or just need to write down information.


-For long haul flights preferable are noise canceling headphones  just simple makes your travel smoother.

Local lotion

–  This item is more useful for tropical destinations. It is a good tip to visit local pharmacy to get a tube of lotion for insect bites as might assumme that locals know better what kind of  cream works best.

These are my  must-have-items that I’ve found very useful to have with me on the road. What are your must-have items?

Text and pictures by Iida


9 responses to “The Travel Essentials I wouldn’t Travel without

  1. Great post, made me think of my travel essentials. I never leave abroad without a camera of some sort! But in the end it depends so much of the type of trip I’m making what I will be packing with me.

    I’ve never used Kindle or any other reading device but maybe I’ll need to get one. Usually I’ve carried some books from home with me and when I finish reading I’ve sold them or changed to other books at the destination. Kindle would take less space in my bag!

  2. I love lists, nice post! I didn’t know that Kindle has that special screen. Good to know. My list would be kind a same, also earplugs are must for me!

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