Stopover in KL or Singapore

I was lucky enough to visit these two amazing cities Kuala Lumpur and Singapore last autumn. I spent 3 days in Singapore on my way to back home from Bali, Indo. KL turned out to be the start and the end of our Malaysia trip hence both city visits were more like stopovers than proper city breaks. Both of them has a vibrant international HUB airport thus they tend to be more likely places you stop by on your way to somewhere else accordingly you might have to choose which one you would like to visit. Here are some of my thoughts about these two amazing cities as stopovers

Let’s start by comparing the airports. KL’s international airport KLIA is located 50k away from the city center and Singapore’s Changi is about 20k away from the main part of the city.As a tip in KL make sure make a agreement with the cab driver about the cost before you hop in. Changi has have a free shuttle bus running between city center and the airport but they will stop the service after 6th of April 2014. Both cities are easy to accesses from both airports but Changi being closer to city thus I would recommend to have your stopover there if it’s only a short one. Kuala Lumpur has train service from the city to airport as a benefit you can check in your luggage at the railway station.

Shopping and food selection are amazing at both Hubs – I dropped into Lonely Planet’s own store first time at KLIA .I would give a one point more for KLIA as it has a free wifi everywhere at the airport when Changi has it only in transit areas. You can find some specialities in these airports as well e.g KLIA has a tropical forest with a waterfall in the middle of the busy airport which makes a very peaceful experience before/between the flights. However Changi’s free-of-charge movie theatre is not a bad option for relaxing either.


 The view from the Sky Bar

There would be enough stuff to write a book about these two cities but I try to keep it short. These two capitals are different and both of them offer outstanding attractions to experience. Landmark of the Singapore sky line would be the world famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel which accommodates 2560 rooms and looks like a cruise liner. KL’s is very well known for Petronas Twin Towers. Visitors are able to make a tour in both places. On our trip we ended up to see the beautiful view of singapore city from the Marina bay Sangs’s skybar KU DÉ TA Singapore.Instead of queing early in the morning to get in Petronas Twin Towers , We enjoyed the view opposite the towers at Traders Hotel Sky bar for the cost of a drink. I recommend to do same if you want to actually see the tower lights on in the evening and not actually see the view From the towers.Both cities has more tourist attractions e.g Singapore has amazing indoor botanical gardens and sky walk outside where you can see the skyline of the city too. Again for a short Stopover I would say Singapore is easier to get around and see all the main attractons in one day. I really loved Singapore because it’s by the water and you can spend your day hanging out watching ferries crossing the harbour and people dining at restaurants.

1176256_10151869410199015_1702494718_n                                 994336_10151869406949015_421676784_n

Marina Bay  Sands Hotel

Getting around by public transportation is easy in both cities and cabs are cheap ( just be aware in KL and you wont get ripped off). Making your way by foot is possible in both cities. Shopping is excellent in KL and Singapore high street stores are mainly located in shopping malls (attraction itself ) along to main shopping street. I found KL a cheaper and it has more shopping for travellers on a budget. Both cities are unique in their own way and 2-3 days is enough to get an good idea of the city and discover the main things!
Can you choose which one would suit better for a stopover?

x Iida


5 responses to “Stopover in KL or Singapore

  1. Iv stayed in both KL and Singapore and i find for a short stop over singapore is best because of how close it is to the city center and the attractions are much closer to each other.

  2. Aw aw aaaaw, good tips and a very nice writen post. Looking forward to discovering singapore as well but first kl!!!!;)

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