Say Yes to a gap year in London


A gap year ahead and not sure what to do?  Firstly go abroad -just go. Secondly spend a year or two in cosmopolitan city  called London.Why so let me give you a few reasons:

My story short I spend  a year in London in 2012 thus can honestly say a year in this vibrant city made me fall in love with it deeply and going back still  feels like im coming home.

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why London? London  is absolutely the best place  to spend your gap year, it  isn’t the lowest paid jobs it has to offer or ridiculously expensive housing .Even though some of the best memories are made up of the times you  loved or hated your roommates/flatmates and their habits from  every corner of the world .At the time it did’t feel very nice to wake up to  French rap music in a middle of the night when you have work next day.

Multiculture of London is incredible. After a few nights out you’ll have friends from Scandinavia, Australia, Spain, US and so on and every walk of life. . Talking about night life  there is something for anyone bars,clubs, pubs, warehouse parties you name it and its got it. Not forgetting  whenever you feel like having your dancing shoes on or just a cosy drink after a long day at work with your new friends you just met. Not only networking for the future or making lifetime friends  you will have a opportunity also to improve your English if you aren’t native speaker  but the most of all you will have  plenty of chances to hear and learn the most charming accents in the world.


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There won’t be a boring day in London  there’s something different to do every day! You will find different coffee shop, street/markets or a nice park to stroll or ride around every day of the week. It doesnt matter what time or where you have to get to there are red double deckers running 24/7  plus tubes and overground. People are always out and about.There are very few times I have felt unsafe in London to compare how massive the city is. Any reason your need a little weekend away from London  you can easily accesses Europe cheaply  by train,bus and plane.

Weather in London might make you think twice about moving to London and can’t say it wont rain because it most certain will but when you get those first sunny warm days in early spring it makes up for all the wet and cold ones, Thats something to experience in person! words cant describe the happiness on the faces of the Londoners when sun is out and pubs and park are full!

I could go on and on about the facts which makes London a very interesting place to live or visit  but  youll have to experience the London life youself  and find out first hand why so many people in the past have falling in love with this great city

“A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else”

Anyone else want to share there experience in London town?

x Iida


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