Responsible Traveller


Lately  especially after my trips to countries where population lives under 2 dollar per day, it has made me  think about my role as responsible traveller. Responsible travelling is not always the easiest thing to do. Especially in poor countries I have faced  many confusing situations.I don’t  personally believe in  it’s a tourist’s job to decide how the foreign country should work but when the revenue generated model is tighly bonded to inbound tourism , there is a chance for tourist to support the right action.


Here are  some tips for a little bit more resposible travelling

1.Knowledge is power . For my own experience no one wants to harm people or nature on holiday for purpose however lack of knowledge might still do the job.Do your research of the the destination and its culture. There  are some great books for  more responsible travelling

2.Everything begins from the respect of the country and its people ! Don’t snap photos of the people like they would be tourist attraction. Showing your respect to culture also dress up proper which isn’t always simple. I personally got very confused in Malaysia which is islamic country but   people e.g in KL don’t really cover up themselves in  islamic way .I ended up to cover up my knees and shoulders  in public places and in KL also. I guess it always good to  bring sharong with you either to protect you from the sun or cover your shoulders.

3.What comes to dining and wining I strongly recommend you to give a little think of what you are about to put in your mouth. E.g Seaood is useally much cheaper and yummier abroad than home especially if you come from Finland…Anyway Travellers should always make sure that they won’t be eating undertreated sea species.  You can be more responsible with drinking while travel as well, big bad evil Bottled water is sometimes only way to get clean water. Just as a handy tip, it is  better to buy  one big bottle of water and then refill in your little bottle. I have started to carry with my own waterbottle from home. Especially with longhaul flights it’s better to  ask flight attendent to fill in your bottle than you use tons of plastic cups. Ps.Make sure you recyckle your plastic bottles and you do buy local water not for example Evian from the Alps.


4.Don’t buy nick-nacks from the kids on the street eventho you might think you are doing a right thing, the truth is buying things is only  force them to stay  on the  streets and in most of the cases  money won’t even end up to kiddos or their familys. For example I did not know what to think about kids in Bali trying to sell braclets for tourist at 11pm. Bunch of cash Bali money (about 4 euros) would have been enough to send these kids back home for that night. These kids told us that they have to earn certain  amount of money in each night before they can go home. However giving that money  to them would only send them back to street next night.

5.Eco-friendly Accomdation,choosing and finding  Real Environmentally friendly place is endless road. A useful  tip could be more stars  hotel has its carbon footprint is bigger. Tourist must be aware all  eco-friendly certications. Some of them are nothing more than commercials boosting hotel’s ego as there is not one worldwide certification which guarantee eco-friendliness  accomondation. For example I  read about Hotel which  has won many Eco-friendly awards  although  this hotels is hotel is located middle of the desert and some of the rooms have private pools. Doesn’t seem very eco-friendly concept to me.

I believe that Everyone including  myself  can always have more responsible holidays if you just pay a little bit more attention.

Do you have any tips for more sustainable travel?

x Iida


17 responses to “Responsible Traveller

  1. Great post! It’s very important for everyone to think a little when they travel how they can be more responsible travellers. Especially when seeing children at the street, begging for money. Giving money is never an option, at least from my point of view. Like you said, it keeps the kids on the street and that we don’t want.

    One thing that comes to my mind when thinking of responsible travelling is the animals. There are plenty of zoos and other animal parks, where many animals are abused and only used to earn money. Travellers should know that the fun ride at the elephant park is not necessary a very good idea. Make sure you check the backgrounds of a place or activity where animals are involved!

    Also a great tip about the waterbottle!

    • Thanks Anne for you comment! Strongly agree with you what comes to animals -spot on! Personally I hate seeing pictures of tourist with some exotic animals on facebook etc.As you said always check the backgrounds is the best advice for more responsible travels! 🙂

  2. Hola Iida!! Me encanta tu blog. Sabes español? Quieres ir a España alguna vez? Chau chau besos

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